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Winning Secrets of Public Speaking to Market Your Unique Business

Dear Fellow Business Owner:

I'll get right to the point so you don't have to read a long drawn-out sales letter.
Here they are, "Just the facts, ma'am."

When you stand up to give a speech to market your business amazing things happen:

  • You'll get more sign-ups to your list so that you can stay in touch with these people over time. Many will remember you and need your services later - so you get both immediate AND residual results from just one speaking engagement.

  • You'll have instant credibility as the expert in front of the room.

  • You'll become known as THE expert in your community on your particular topic. This can lead to local media attention and even more publicity for your business.

  • After each speech, you'll likely receive more offers to present the same speech to another group.

  • The more often you present the more confident you'll feel - and people are always drawn to confident speakers.

  • As you present to live audiences, they feel a connection with you unlike any other marketing strategy, tool, or technique.

  • You'll feel more in touch with your community and a sense of belongingness.

My Results Can Be Your Results, Too!

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed., Communication Consultant, Coach & Speaker

By delivering what I call my "Signature Speech" in less than one year I have grown my list of subscribers to more than 700 strong. While that may sound small in comparison to the tens of thousands on some so-called gurus' lists, my list is highly focused, highly targeted, and most importantly highly responsive.

I've been speaking in public for most of my life, competing in high school and college and later making A LOT of money for others with my public speaking skills. I've been teaching public speaking for more than a decade. I know what I'm talking about from loads of first-hand, proven experience. And I make a good living now as a direct result of my public speaking to market my business. You can, too.  

There aren't many new original ideas under the sun. But as far as I know I'm the first to develop the concept of a Signature Speech in the step-by-step detail entrepreneurs need to get the job done.

Sure others will tell you to "give speeches to market your business." But no one has given you each piece of the exact information you need to get it done RIGHT and see the results you want from your marketing efforts.
Here's the buzz:

"It’s worth ten times what you’re charging!”

“As a marketing coach and consultant, I often encourage my clients to offer a Signature Speech as one of the most effective strategies to become known as an expert, to grow their list of potential clients and customers, and to increase their ‘know, like and trust’ factor, all of which ultimately lead to making more sales and generating more revenue in their business.

And now to make it super-simple for them to do so, all I have to do is point them to your “Cash In On Speaking” ebook for them to get everything they need to create and offer (and book those gigs!) their own successful Signature Speech. It’s easy and enjoyable to read, AND it’s just as easy to implement as you’ve laid out exactly how to develop a SS in a step-by-step format. And even though I’ve been giving my own SS for years now, I’ve implemented some of your advice to make mine even more effective, which I’m sure it going to lead to some fantastic results. Thanks, Felicia, for truly delivering what you say you will with this product. It’s worth ten times what you’re charging!”

~Alicia M Forest , MBA
Multiple Streams Queen & Coach

"Excellent work, with a perfect flow of content, and valuable information."

Jam packed with solid marketing and presentational techniques this e-book is a must read for anyone who is serious about adding public speaking to their marketing strategies. Felicia’s advice resonates with the presentational skills that I employ and write about in my own business endeavors. I especially appreciated her chapter, Gathering Content. Aristotle’s words from his book Rhetoric on ethos, pathos, and logos appeals are explained in a manner that finally makes sense for even the novice public speaker. This is an excellent work, with a perfect flow of content, and valuable information.

~Ginger Marks , CEO
DocUmeant Designs

"She covers all the details from the smallest to the largest."

"As an experienced writer, I know how to write articles, press releases, marketing material and such, but truth be told, I had never written a speech, much less given one. Moreover, to write one for myself was a scary thought. However, Felicia’s book, ‘Cash in on Speaking’ not only explains the benefits of public speaking, it also gave me the information I needed to write my own signature speech.

‘Cash in on Speaking’ is well written and easy reading.  Felicia systematically explains the details of writing your speech, the significance of handouts and visual aids as well as helpful tips on getting yourself booked!  She covers all the details from the smallest to the largest.

Before reading Felicia's book, I was not comfortable writing a speech of any kind. Now I am not only working on my own signature speech, I am certain that I could write a signature speech for any of my clients as well. In fact, I will be adding speech writing to my list of services!"

~Anita Bruton , Professional Freelance Writer
Anita’s Professional Writing Services, LLC

"Bottom line? Go get this stuff and go use this stuff!"

"Most books on public speaking tell you what you should be doing without telling you how. In "Cash in on Speaking" Felicia Slattery tells you exactly how to create, give and "cash in" on your signature speech. Bottom line? Go get this stuff and go use this stuff!"

~Jeff Herring,
The Internet Article Guy

"I feel more confident"

"I have always hated the idea of speaking to groups and have avoided it for a long time even though I know it's a valuable strategy. Felicia's book makes me feel that I can actually do it.
"Cash in on Speaking" gives you the tools you need to create an effective signature speech to promote your business. It gives you the why and how, what to do and what not to do. After reading Felicia's book I feel more confident, have a framework to help me communicate my credibility and finally know I can do it. "Cash In On Speaking" is an easy to read, step by step guide, and has motivated me to get over myself and just do it."

~Lynne Lee, Life Coach, Article Writing & Marketing Coach and author

Now You Can Discover the Simple Proven Formula Used by Experts to Create Your Own Signature Speech and Get More Clients and Make More Money Now

I'm sharing the strategies professional speakers know with the "regular" Jane and Joe business owner. Why?

Because it really is simple to put together a speech to market your business. You can do this - and get awesome results.

Here's what you will discover in this e-book:

Top 5 reasons why speaking pro bono--that's right for free--will help you make more money


Top 5 ways to get over your fear of public speaking so you too can have the benefits of speaking for your business.

8 easy steps to preparing your Signature Speech

A simple 1-sentence formula for helping you determine your purpose so your audiences will easily follow along with your presentation and ultimately do what you ask


3 ways to have your Signature Speech work for you to get you more clients, more business, and more money


A breakdown of the 3 parts of the purpose I personally use to get 90-100% conversion rates every time I present my Signature Speech in person to an audience

6 steps to choosing your topic: follow these steps and your topic will come to you effortlessly

3 shortcuts to understanding your audience: when you understand your audience you can give them exactly what they want and they will want to buy from you


3 little Greek words you must know and understand in order to give your audience everything they want


5 types of information you need to include in your Signature Speech so you come across as credible


The only organization pattern you’ll ever need to succeed with your Signature Speech


6 steps to an amazing introduction that will draw your audience in from the moment you begin to speak

5 steps to creating your offer for maximum impact and results

3 rules for using PowerPoint—most people don’t follow these simple rules and lose their audience and any credibility.  Don’t let that be you!

3 types of effective handouts that will get your audience to remember you

5 items needed on every handout all audience members should get

4 ways to get yourself booked for public speaking gigs in your community

Available for the First Time!

Until now, this information was only available if you took my month-long telecourse or by piecing together nuggets from hundreds of articles, books, and websites about public speaking. 

Never before has this information been compiled all in one place to help entrepreneurs. 

But now, because so many people are hungry for free marketing techniques to market their businesses, I decided it's time. 

So I pulled together everything I have and condensed it into just over 50 pages so you can read it and incorporate the strategies in a hurry.  By this time next week, you could be booked to deliver your first Signature Speech!!

Limited Offer!

I've been told to charge $75-$100 for this e-book. Someday I might. 

This information can easily bring you that much the first few times you implement it (the last time I delivered my Signature Speech I sold $200 worth in product, was invited to write an article for a national publication, and got a free membership to the organization I presented to! Not too shabby for an hour's work.) 

But I want to get this e-book in the hands of as many entrepreneurs, solo professionals, and small business owners as possible. 

So here's the deal: I'm making this book available for only $47! 

    Cash In On Speaking

    Yes! I want to know how to create MY Signature Speech™ to use the power of public speaking to market my business and get more cash flow, more clients and more results!

    Only $47



Now I know, you're used to looking for a bazillion bonuses at this point to entice you to get this e-book.  But I'm not going to insult your intelligence and try to "sell" you on anything. 

Tell ya what: if you think knowing how to create a Signature Speech will be useful for your situation and you pick up this e-book now, I’ll also give you a recording of me delivering my Signature Speech. 

You'll hear me present as I got the results I wanted.  Maybe you'll pick up a few tips. Sound good? Get it now!

Yours in speaking success,

Photo of Felicia Slattery  

Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed.
Communication Consultant, Speaker & Coach

PS This e-book contains the exact step-by-step formula I used to create my own Signature Speech.  You can do it too and get some amazing results! Pick it up today. | Phone : 630.554.0636

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